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Relief Within Reach: The Motive 90-Day Journey

Whether it’s getting back to golf, or boosting your daily step count, Motive can help you live without knee pain, stiffness, and swelling. It’s an easy-to-use, drug-free, at-home therapy. The best part? The more you use Motive, the better you’ll feel. Find out how to get back to better than before in 90 days or less with this user journey example.

motive knee pain relief products and essentials

Day: 1

Getting Started with Motive: Download your App

Set yourself up for success on day one by downloading and acclimating to the MyMotive App. The App pairs with your device so you can remotely control your therapy, track your progress, and set goals.

woman treating her knee pain at home with Motive therapy

Day: 14

Making Motive Your Routine

You should be settled into a routine that works well for you. Figuring out the time of day you prefer to do your therapy, and how you feel afterward, will ensure you’re prepared to maintain your routine for 90 days or more. Are you feeling stronger? Is your pain decreasing?

working employees walking up the stair

Day: 45

What Progress Feels Like

In clinical trials, Motive users experienced noticeable relief at 45 days. And even slight improvements can indicate the start of significant relief to come.

Day: 90

Unleashing Your Potential—Everyday

By now, your hard work should be paying off—clinical research showed a significant decrease in knee pain and improvement in mobility after 90 days. But why stop there? The more you use Motive, the better you’ll feel.