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Scientifically Supported Relief

More than 10 years of scientific research in neuromuscular therapies

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A unique and proprietary breakthrough therapy safeguarded by 28 patents

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Validated by rigorous clinical trials demonstrating its safety and effectiveness

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Prescribed to 20,000 patients as a reliable option for managing knee pain and reclaiming an active lifestyle

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Less Pain During Movement

73%* of our patients have experienced significant relief from knee pain during activities like stair climbing, transforming their everyday experiences.

A more Active Lifestyle

A majority of our patients have rediscovered their active lifestyles, seamlessly enjoying walks, dances, cycling trips, and hiking adventures with improved functionality.  

Satisfied Patients

91%* of our patients reported “satisfied” or “very satisfied” at the completion of clinical trials using our therapy.

*Data from two randomized controlled trials. Data from compliant patients who applied the therapy as recommended. The outcomes may vary from user to user depending on the different endpoints and times.

Our Clinical Studies

Motive delivers a safe and effective knee pain relief

In a double-blinded, randomized, and sham-controlled clinical study with 156 demographically diverse patients at multiple locations across the United States, researchers found that those using our unique electrical stimulation therapy daily, experienced a notable reduction in knee pain and stiffness, along with improved knee function over 12 weeks. The pain reductions were reported at week-4 after therapy and continued to improve or sustain at least for 12 weeks, when the last assessments were completed. In conclusion, the therapy provided a meaningful and scientifically-backed solution to manage knee arthritis, enhancing mobility and quality of life.


Motive delivers lasting pain relief

After a successful 12-week trial, an extension study was conducted for another 14 weeks, for a total of 26 weeks. The patients who consistently used the therapy reported further pain reduction. Specifically, those using the therapy daily experienced a remarkable 64.7% reduction in their pain after 26 weeks. When patients fully commit to the daily treatment plan, they can experience meaningful and enduring relief from their knee pain, stiffness, and significant improvements in quality of life.


Motive makes you return to function faster

In a controlled trial involving 66 patients who had just been discharged from a knee replacement surgery, those using our home-based electrical stimulation therapy experienced significant gains in quadriceps strength and mobility. These patients not only strengthened their quadriceps, but also improved their mobility over 3, 6, and 12 weeks after surgery. These outcomes suggest that Motive electrical stimulation therapy, combined with standard care, can speed up recovery after knee replacement.