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Knee Pain Relief Therapy for Long-Term Results

Motive Knee is named the Best Device for People with Knee Pain by Esquire

Meet Motive

Discover Rapid Knee Pain Relief that Lasts

FDA-cleared, doctor-recommended knee pain therapy provides lasting relief, unlike temporary solutions that only mask the pain. With just 30 minutes of use per day, Motive strengthens your knee muscles to break the cycle of pain, getting you back to the active life you love. Previously prescribed by clinicians to thousands of patients, this solution is now available prescription-free.


No Prescription Needed

Doctor Recommended

Knee Pain Relief Is Within Reach

Born in medicine

Originally requiring a prescription, Motive is FDA-cleared to relieve knee pain.

At-home treatment

Treat your pain from the comfort of home on your own schedule.

30-minute sessions

For optimal results, make Motive part of your daily routine.

Drug-free pain relief

Strengthen your muscles to manage pain without drugs or surgery.

See Motive in Action

Discover the Motive 90-Day Journey to Lasting Knee Pain Relief

How does Motive work?

Increased strength. Less pain. Better mobility.

Motive uses muscle stimulation to activate the large muscle groups around your knee. This increased strength alleviates knee pressure, leading to less pain and enhanced mobility.

While other solutions, like braces, medications, and TENS devices, may offer temporary relief, only Motive focuses on muscle strength, the key to long-term pain reduction.

Discover the Power of Science-Backed Therapy

65% reduction in knee pain with long-term relief

80% increase in quad strength for improved mobility

40% decrease in knee stiffness and enhanced knee function

*Data from two randomized controlled trials that tracked the outcomes for 12 weeks and 26 weeks. Data from compliant participants who applied the therapy as recommended. The outcomes may vary from user to user depending on the different endpoints and times.

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