man with knee pain completing a motive therapy session at home

Clinical data shows the more you use Motive, the better you’ll feel.

The key to Motive’s effectiveness is to make it a part of your daily routine. In two clinical trials, Motive led to a significant reduction in knee pain, and improved function in the first 90 days for most users.

Discover your 90-day journey to lasting relief from knee pain,stiffness, swelling, and pain.

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Day 1

Getting Started & Initiating Your Routine

Set yourself up for success on day one by downloading the MyMotive App and starting your first therapy session. You will start to feel certain muscle groups activating that you likely haven’t used for a while. Don’t worry—this is completely normal. Stronger muscles lead to less pain over time. The key is to continue strengthening and building a routine that works for you. Follow below for an example Motive user journey.

woman treating her knee pain at home with Motive therapy

Day 15

Strength, Progress & Early Signs of Relief

What changes are you noticing? The muscles around your knee should feel stronger. You may be starting to feel some pain relief. These subtle signs of progress can often indicate the start of significant relief to come.

happy active woman sitting on the ground with less knee pain

Day 30

A Return to Normal

By now, you should be experiencing noticeable pain relief and improvements in knee function. Without knee pain holding you back, daily activities are becoming enjoyable again.

Motive Health

Day 45

Welcome Back, Mobility

You’re waking up in the morning with less pain, less stiffness, and more strength. You’re starting to get back to your daily routine and welcoming renewed mobility in the activities you love.

active couple climbing rocks alongside a coastal beach

Day 60

Less pain. More Life.

With your body’s hard work paying off, you’re no longer held back by the burden of pain, stiffness, or swelling—returning fully to what you love most. Keep up with your Motive therapy to experience the best results.

a runner stretching and bending down with a kettlebell

Day 75

Life Without Limits

Did you worry that you’d never hit the hiking trails again without pain? That you’d never bike your favorite route? In just a couple of months, you’re no longer experiencing the limitations that had been holding you back.

female active runner sprinting up stairs

Day 90

Back to Better Than Before

You’re not just back to your normal routine. You’re better than you were before. People who used Motive for 90 days experienced over 40% decrease in knee stiffness, over 80% in quadriceps strength, and over 50% increase in mobility.

two active bikers sitting on top of a mountain smiling

Beyond 90 Days

What’s your Motive?

Rediscover the joy of movement and once again fully engage in your favorite activities.

Customer Journeys

"Within only 2-3 weeks of using Motive therapy, I was back to my exercise routine with no pain related to my torn meniscus. I am more active now than when I had originally injured my knee. In 2 months, I was good as new if not better."

Mary Patrovic

"I had trouble walking, biking, climbing stairs, and golfing for long periods. After a few weeks with daily use of Motive therapy, I can play golf regularly, pivoting on my knee, and can walk the 18 holes confidently. This has been a game changer in my life."

Bill O’Neil

"Motive therapy has completely alleviated pressure around my knee joint. I notice climbing stairs is much easier, I’m hiking as much as I used to, and my day-to-day activities are less painful."

Michael Tauckus

"Using Motive therapy makes my daily life and routine much easier. I can now play with my grandson at the park without my pain flaring up."

Joan Scheel

"Within a short period of time I noticed improvements. Now, about a year later, I rarely have knee pain and my strength has increased significantly."

Motive User

"I am now swimming, hiking, and snowboarding after having a total knee replacement surgery. Motive has helped to strengthen and grow the muscles around my knee joint, making it easier to partake in activities."

Motive User