Increased Strength. Less Pain. Better Mobility.

Motive works with the MyMotive App to start your journey to longer-lasting knee pain relief. Complete therapy daily to reduce knee pain, improve mobility, and get back to a life without limits

Get Started with Motive


1: Charge

Your Motive Device requires activation before use. Use the Motive Charging Cable and a standard wall adapter to connect the Device to an outlet for one minute to activate.


2: Download

Install the MyMotive App from the App Store or Google Play to your phone. You will use the MyMotive App to:

  • Start and stop therapy.
  • Keep track of Therapy Pad life and Motive Device battery life.
  • Track your progress over time with detailed charts.
  • Earn points by completing therapy and surveys.

3: Launch

Open the MyMotive App. The MyMotive App will guide you with step-by-step instructions to complete your profile, set up your device, and get started with your first therapy session.

Your Motive Includes

Motive Device

Motive Device

Motive Device

Conductive Gel

Therapy Pads

Therapy Pads



Charging Cable

Charging Cable

Charging Cable

My Motive App Download

Helpful Tips

  • Therapy Pads are reusable and last approximately 14 therapy sessions. You can purchase additional Pads at
  • The MyMotive App will keep track of your Therapy Pad life.
  • Each Therapy Pad includes a reusable cover that must be removed before therapy. Keep the cover on your Therapy Pad while not in use.
  • Be sure the sticky side of the Therapy Pad is in contact with your skin.
  • If you did not purchase Motive for treatment of both knees, you can still purchase Therapy Pads for your opposite knee at
  • Conductive Gel is optional but beneficial, especially if you have dry skin.
  • To prevent skin discomfort, avoid shaving thigh areas prior to therapy.
  • For best results, remain seated for therapy.
  • The Wrap covers the Therapy Pad on your thigh and keeps it in place during therapy with added compression.
  • The Wrap is washable. Follow the instructions provided on the Wrap.
  • Charge your Motive Device daily. Your App will display the battery life of the Motive Device.

Stay Motivated

Complete 30 minutes daily for best results.

Motive is a muscle stimulation therapy that strengthens the large muscles surrounding your knee joint (quadriceps muscles) over time to alleviate knee pain. For best results, use for 30 minutes per day. The more you use Motive, the better you'll feel.

Position your Motive.

The MyMotive App will guide you through how to position Motive on your thigh for therapy and store it when therapy is complete.

Start therapy.

Before each therapy session, you will use the MyMotive App to rate your pain and set your therapy levels accordingly until you see strong, comfortable flexing of your muscles. Therapy levels range from 1-100, and everyone’s therapy level is unique. You may also set different therapy levels to stimulate your knee and thigh areas, and the levels may change with each therapy session. You may use different levels on different days. Increase until you feel and see your muscle move. It will feel like flexing. The stimulation should not cause discomfort or pain. You can adjust therapy levels throughout the session.

Pause and stop therapy.

Therapy is pre-set to run for 30 minutes. The MyMotive App allows you to easily pause or stop therapy at any time.

Motive is clinically proven to reduce knee pain.

Expect knee pain relief and improved mobility with regular use. You should experience greater pain relief the more you use Motive. To learn more about what to expect over time, visit

How it works:

Stronger knees start with stronger quads. That’s why Motive doesn’t wrap around your knee; it wraps around your thigh. By building up your quadriceps muscles—as you would while exercising—your quad is able to better support your knee and reduce stress on the joint. The result? Longer-lasting pain relief.

Track your pain and mobility.

The MyMotive App regularly asks you to rate your pain and mobility levels, making it easy to see improvement over time.